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Investing in Cybersecurity with Rising Digital Threats

The pandemic caused schools around the country to swiftly adopt technology. Even schools that were already making the shift toward buying new edtech products were forced to rapidly speed up that adoption process. At the same time, cyber criminals have increased both the velocity and the sophistication of their attacks against schools. These attacks have […]

Cybersecurity Training for School Staff Can Reduce Security Risk

The number of cyberattacks against schools continues to rise. Just recently, the personal data of 820,000 students was compromised in New York City. Demographics about students, including their names and addresses, were accessed by the hacker. This is only the latest in a long line of attacks on schools, and cybercriminals show no signs of […]

How to Select EdTech Solutions for your School

For district IT leaders, the thought of vetting, selecting, and implementing new educational technology can be the stuff of nightmares. When you’re choosing new edtech for your school, it needs to meet so many different criteria: The edtech must have a purpose within your curriculum It must be cost-effective The solution must meet your minimum […]

Transform Learning through Engagement

In the world of remote and hybrid learning, measuring student engagement is the key. Virtual and hybrid learning have been like a dream for many students, thriving on these new learning models. For other students, it’s more like a nightmare, either from a lack of technology in which to participate, or because they may lack […]

Interoperability: The Key to Future-Proofing Education

Interoperability is a word that didn’t really make the mainstream until the pandemic. All of a sudden, schools were forced to ramp up distribution of devices to students learning from home and scrambling to find edtech solutions to help meet educational needs beyond the classroom setting. Now, it’s one of the top priorities for districts […]

Measuring and Managing Student Learning

Students are learning everywhere. And with more than 300 billion pages of information on the web, they have access to more information than any other generation. But how do educators – and students themselves – account for the knowledge they gain while online? How can we turn this access to information into a way to […]

10 EdTech Solutions for K-12 Health and Safety

Today’s technology makes it easier for schools to manage K-12 health and safety, including vaccine management, covid testing and tracking, and SEL. Here are 10 edtech solutions for K-12 health and safety.   Daily School Health and Wellness Checks with SchoolPass SchoolPass The SchoolPass app allows parents and guardians to check children in and out […]

EdTech Holiday Gift Giving Guide

There has been an increased focus on STEM education in recent years – and for good reason. Students who are proficient in STEM topics will have lucrative career opportunities available to them in the future. Building interest in science and math at a young age is the first step towards a successful future.   Here […]

How CTE Programs Help Students Prepare for the Real World

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is helping high school students graduate with better preparation for the future of work. As companies demand more technically proficient employees in every area of their businesses, learning those skills through a CTE program makes students more competitive in the workforce. Why Are CTE Programs So Beneficial? CTE programs move […]

School Passport Engagement: Empowered Education

Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is pleased to announce a new module within School Passport called Engagement. Engagement is a module within School Passport that measures all online reading, learning, and engagement. Without this layer, educators are in the dark. School Passport Engagement breaks down all engaged time by website, app, program, subject area, and […]

8 Options for Student Information Systems (SIS) for K12

Managing information in the K-12 education environment is a monumental task. It’s made much easier with the right student information system (SIS) in place. An SIS is a tech solution for schools that tracks and manages student data, much like a CRM. It can be used by administrators, educators, parents, and even the students themselves. […]

Manage Covid Testing and Reporting Securely with CrisisGo’s Safety iPass – Free for Schools through School Passport

One of the biggest challenges school administrators face this year is how to manage health safety. There are many moving parts in tracking students. From managing vaccine status to contact tracing, every step must be done with student data privacy in mind. CrisisGo Safety iPass – Sophisticated Health Protection for Schools Appropriate for schools of […]

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