Experienced Leadership

GG4L was created as a result of rolling-up a group of EdTech companies, each with its own experienced and passionate leadership team, as well as common visions and the mission of creating sustainable social impact that benefits schools and their surrounding communities globally.

Executive Team

K-12 Industry Collaborative

GG4L is a membership based K-12 industry Collaborative whose members Pledge to adopt open industry standards, comply with student data privacy regulations and best practices, and support K-12 schools globally in deploying, sustaining and validating innovative EdTech solutions through strategic impact initiatives.

Membership Program

Corporate Partnerships

GG4L is funded through corporate and philanthropic partnerships. As a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation, we solicit financial pledges from various impact driven organizations to underwrite the operational expenses of our core Platform (Connect, Catalyst and Compass) and to subsidize the cost of EdTech solutions marketed by the members of our Collaborative.

Global Partners