OneRoster® Compatibility Check from IMS Global

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The OneRoster® Compatibility Check from IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS) is an integration testing and issue resolution service that empowers school districts to get digital resources into the hands of teachers and students on day one. The OneRoster Compatibility Check guarantees ecosystem interoperability and identifies product matches amongst IMS certified digital resources on a user-friendly dashboard.

Features available today in the OneRoster Compatibility Check include:

  • Characterization – Identification of the unique capabilities of your OneRoster data
  • Verification – Assurance that your data meets the requirements for integration with OneRoster certified products
  • Comparisons – Access to reports on how your institution will integrate with multiple suppliers
  • Support – Personal assistance from the dedicated IMS team

Verifying your rostering information using the GG4L Connect Platform and the IMS Compatibility Check will help you identify and resolve data, compliance, and compatibility issues with vendors before they become costly problems.

Why GG4L and IMS?

  • Instant Compatibility:  Verified (by IMS) compatibility streamlines connecting school district information systems to digital learning technology.

  • Better Data Quality:  When sharing and synchronizing data, know that all of the required data elements are present and correct.

  • Effective Data Governance:  Make sure that data is being shared and accounted for and in compliance with IMS standards.

  • Membership:  Membership in IMS and GG4L gives you access to the tools, standards, and industry experts you need to deploy safe, secure, compliant digital learning technology.

Getting started with your free trial membership

For a limited time, and only through GG4L, you can enjoy a free six (6) month trial Affiliate membership with IMS Global, the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing educational technology impact. IMS members have access to the entire spectrum of IMS best practices and resources to help you in building a digital ecosystem that meets the needs of your district, now and into the future. Click below to become a member today.

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