Webinar: Covid-19 and EdTech

A Panel of K12 Technology Leaders Discuss how Covid-19 is affecting EdTech Purchases, Interoperability and Onboarding

Description: The challenges and effects of Covid-19 in K12 education are evolving every single day. It’s more important now than ever to collaborate and learn from each other – how can we best support the needs of districts and schools in this difficult time?


  • Padraig O’Shea, Vice President Business Development, GG4L
  • Robert Iskander, Chief Executive Officer, GG4L
  • Rob Adel, Chief Executive Officer, IMS Global Learning
  • Aarom Harnly, Chief Technology Officer, Amplify
  • Joe Fives, Director of IT, Kansas City Public Schools
  • Uma Shankar, Director of IT, Alachua County Public Schools

Webinar: Physical Health and Wellness

The Connection Between Physical Health & Wellness and Technology

Description: Children are the future, so creating healthy school environments with proper nutrition, physical activity, and wellness are essential to their success. We invite you to join us and our panel of health and wellness experts from Lumen Touch, ZippSlip, and SAFE Steps to learn how EdTech plays a role in addressing these efforts.


  • Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer, GG4L
  • John Vandewalle, Chief Executive Officer, Lumen Touch
  • Dave Smith, Chief Executive Officer, SAFE Steps
  • Ravi Gorur, Chief Executive Officer, ZippSlip
Webinar: Physical Campus Security

The Importance of Physical  Campus Security

Description: Ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff in our schools, as well as the safety of the school campuses themselves, is critically important and one of the most important things that administrators do. Our schools serve not only as places of education for students and staff but as resources for our communities, places to meet in normal times and shelters and command centers in times of crisis. EdTech is working hard to develop campus safety solutions that help school districts identify and manage risks to keep everyone physically safe from violence, self-harm, and inappropriate behavior.


  • Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer,  GG4L
  • Erik Endress, Chief Executive Officer, Share911
  • Nathan Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Eduspire Solutions
  • Pat Bhava, Chief Executive Officer, PikMyKid
Webinar: Emergency Preparedness and Management

A Look at How you can Improve Emergency Preparedness and Management

Description: What keeps School leaders up at night when they think about Emergency Preparedness and Management? Join our  panel of experts from  CrisisGo, Dismissal Software, and Geo Command as we discuss the importance of emergency preparedness in schools.


  • Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer, GG4L
  • Chris Buecksler, Vice President of Marketing,  CrisisGo
  • Jack Doherty, Implementation Manager, Geo Command
  • Moazzam Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer, QManager
Webinar: Future-Proof District IT-Infrastructure

Future-Proof District IT Infrastructure: GG4L starts where Clever and ClassLink stop

Description: The GG4L membership-based Collaborative consists of districts that join at no cost to leverage the GG4L Connect Platform. The Connect platform offers secure SIS, LDAP and LMS data interoperability in addition to SSO across all EdTech vendor members. The GG4L Platform includes School Passport, now available to school districts through 5-year Grants, funded by Corporate Sponsorship and Philanthropy. Many of the applications that are integrated within the GG4L Catalyst Catalog are available for free to schools through an on-demand grant program. We are joined in this Webinar by Lumen Touch, one of the leading SIS vendors in the US, who is excited about their partnership with GG4L and the value it brings to their district clients.


  • Robert Iskander, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, GG4L
  • John Vandewalle, Chief Executive Officer, Lumen Touch
  • Audrey Mathis, Director of Operations, Lumen Touch
Webinar: Community Engagement

How to Use Technology to Engage Your Community and Improve School Safety

Description: Parent and family engagement is critical to the success of children. To ensure that the students of today are ready for success beyond K-12, families, schools, and the community must work together to promote engagement and safer schools. Community schools consistently increase parent participation in the education of their children and their schools by empowering families providing them with a variety of support systems. Join our panel of experts from Actionaly, A Good Cause, and ParentSquare as we discuss the importance of parent participation and technology in the education of their children and in their schools.


  • Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer, GG4L
  • Jay Klanfer, Vice President, District Partnerships, ParentSquare
  • Luke Brandley, Co-Founder, A Good Cause
  • Gauthier Philippart, Chief Executive Officer, Actionaly


  • Lightspeed Systems
  • IBM Cloud
  • IMS Global
  • AWS
  • Google

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