Gooru’s Navigator is a learning data backbone that provides real-time information to all stakeholders in order to accelerate outcomes for all learners and it enables a closed-loop research to practice cycle. With personalized learning journeys and curated suggestions using a full spectrum of learning activities, all students can study and all stakeholders can monitor struggles and successes in real-time. Using this approach, learners have their own learning pathways, are offered re-route suggestions based on their performance and preferences, and are given step-by-step support (machine generated and instructor) until they reach their stated destination.

Math Navigator is a supplemental, competency aligned math experience with a full spectrum of resources, activities, and formative assessments for grades 2-HS. Math Navigator can be implemented with any existing curriculum adopted by districts and schools. It can be used to fill gaps, review on grade level concepts and skills, and accelerate learners beyond grade level proficiency.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: