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The open standards platform that securely integrates everything.

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School Passport is the open standards platform that securely integrates everything

School Passport is the open standards platform that securely integrates everything.

If you create accounts for customers to use your EdTech product, or need to integrate with the school’s SIS or an LMS, School Passport is the platform for you. Even if the data you require is more complex like attendance, behavioral, or grades, School Passport can provide what you need.

School Passport

APIs To Integrate Everything.

Roster+ APIs

Roster+ APIs

Request access and integrate school data, from any school anywhere globally, with just one click.



Works with any SSO Portal, reducing cost while improving end-users access.



Integrate once and share grades, assignments and deep link with any LMS.

School AppStore APIs

School AppStore APIs

Embed School Passport’s ecosystem in your platform, allowing SSO access to any product.

Commucations APIs

Commucations APIs

Communication and school data, bringing together powerful APIs.

Say goodbye to your integration headaches

Say goodbye to your integration headaches

Request access and integrate school data, from any school anywhere, with just one click.

Use staff resources more wisely

Use staff resources more wisely

Your team and school teams are busy enough. Don’t spend time on complex data sharing and onboarding projects, when you can simply use School Passport.

SSO portal

Teachers and students can keep using their existing SSO portal

Integrates with any single sign-on portal, meaning no changes for students or teachers. School Passport just makes it all work seamlessly.

Data privacy and security

Reduce your data privacy and security overhead

Anonymize PII data before it reaches your platform while still allowing for personalization, authentication and communication with end-users.

Communicate with your users safely

Communicate with your users safely

Combine the power of school data with our Communications APIs, engaging schools and families on the channels they already use.

  • As a mid-sized EdTech company, our biggest challenge has always been accessing SIS data from our schools. On our own, we only had interfaces built with three SIS companies in our region. GG4L has been a game-changer by immediately providing access to over 40 SIS companies, allowing us to expand our services from the central US to compete nationally!

    Teddy Gabbart

    President, Gabbart Communications
  • We are proud to be a Sponsor of this strategic initiative toward the improved safety of our schools and the lives of children. I am also glad to see GG4L emerging as the low-barrier distribution enablement platform for cloud-hosted EdTech solutions into schools by inviting socially responsible corporations to participate in large-scale sustainable impact initiatives in education.

    Brian Thomas

    CEO, Lightspeed Systems
  • The IMS Global conformance certification program ensures that educational institutions can be confident that their integrations are secure and fully interoperable with other certified products. Congratulations to Global Grid for Learning for joining in the growing IMS ecosystem by certifying the latest version of OneRoster!

    Dr. Rob Abel

    CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium
  • The broad use of educational technology in our classrooms would not be possible without the help from School Passport. The GG4L dashboard allows us to focus on different application usage over differing periods of time to gauge level of usage by location.

    Jeannie Fox

    Alachua County Public Schools, IT system support analyst
  • Montgomery Public Schools has become involved with the Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) on multiple initiatives that are aimed toward school improvement. We are so grateful that GG4L has brought together solution providers and the funding to accomplish these important goals.

    Dr. Ann R. Moore

    Superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools, Alabama
  • I was skeptical of this system as I already knew I didn’t like Clever or ClassLink. Not only do you protect our data, it still belongs to us. AND, onboarding took no time at all. It was pretty seamless.

    Laura Schetlick

    SIS Coordinator at Summit Public Schools

    GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

    School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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