The CSPA Virtual Internship with a Work-Based Learning Program for High School Students

A Turnkey Virtual Internship Program

GG4L now offers a turnkey Virtual Internship Program called the Certified School Passport Administrator Program (CSPA), which is free for students and institutions. This unique program prepares high school students for jobs in enterprise software support. If your school or district is interested in participating, please have the CTE coordinator reach out to us now. We are enrolling for the next semester!

  •  Skills gained in this internship support future employment opportunities in enterprise software support.
  •  The program offers students a 90-hour internship with a mix of academic and hands-on experiences.
  •  Students gain a working knowledge of the implementation, management, and support of GG4L’s School Passport platform as a service.
  •  Students experience internal and external meetings with customer onboarding, customer support, and product development.

Read this Case Study to learn about how Chicago Public Schools Improved Career Readiness with GG4L’s CSPA Virtual Internship Program

This program is for CTE programs in High Schools and it also works well in some Community Colleges. If you are an educator who is a CTE Coordinator, click the button below to learn more about how you can bring this program to your school. If you are a student, ask your school’s CTE Coordinator about this. The school has to sign up for this internship program first then take applications from students and enroll their selected students.

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Virtual Internships for High School and Community College Students

Benefits for Students

Benefits for Students

  • Participate in a Work-Based Learning program that provides real IT experiences
  • Learn and practice fundamental concepts for work in IT administration.
  • Practice solving real-world issues in IT operations.
  • Gain a competitive advantage for entry-level jobs in this high-demand field.
Benefits for Institutions

Benefits for Institutions

  • Provides students with meaningful work-based learning experiences
  • Prepares students for in-demand IT jobs.
  • Gives students a virtual work-based experience.
  • Alleviates IT staff shortages by providing the skills needed to students.
  • GG4L provided an incredible virtual internship opportunity to LAUSD's Career Technical Education students who are aspiring to enter the tech industry. In the Certified School Passport Administrator internship, three rising seniors from Grant High School participated in enterprise software support work-based learning activities and completed courses on Coursera. Students learned about IT administration and operations through shadowing professionals and in turn learned professional communication and current industry practices.

    Celine Calanoc

    CTE / Linked Learning Office, LAUSD
  • The CSPA Coursera content sparked genuine curiosity and interest among my students. They explored real-world data management and related topics with enthusiasm, some even conducting their own research about tangential concepts that align with their career goals. GG4L's ongoing support and communication made it a smooth and enriching experience for all of us, and I hope to have many more students in CPS go through their CSPA certification course.

    Jay Fox

    CTE / Computer Science Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
  • All of my students are of demographics underrepresented in computer science and have nothing like this to include on a resume. Last year, one of the students in the CSPA internship started the school year guaranteeing me he would not go to college. By the end of the year, he was enrolled in a full schedule of college math for this fall because he decided he wanted a career in cybersecurity. If we really want to change the face of computer science, stepping stones like the CSPA internship are critical.


    Stephanie Valdez

    IT Support Specialist, Elk Grove Unified School District

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