School Passport 2.0

School Passport® 2.0

The Fastest and Safest Way to Share Data with EdTech Vendors

Accelerate School Digital Transformation While Improving Safety, Privacy & Security

School Passport® is the brand name for GG4L’s iPaaS platform. School Passport 2.0 is the first of its kind school-centric trusted digital engagement hub that empowers schools to centrally:

  • Govern the exchange of student, staff, and parent PII data with SaaS vendors
  • Approve and publish apps to a district or school branded on-demand AppStore
  • Delegate to school staff and teachers the ability to activate apps within their managed groups on-demand

The School Passport 2.0 API enables ubiquitous access to all apps from within any LMS, SIS, or any pre-existing enterprise portal, while leveraging GG4L ID as an anonymized, secure and federated access credentials for all end-users. School Passport 2.0 collects and reports insightful user engagement data analytics. GG4L’s School Passport 2.0 is free to any school.

A Trusted Digital Engagement Hub

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Empower school-based choice of preferred digital tools that have been centrally vetted by IT professionals and published on-demand by school administrators or staff.

Improve Safety, Privacy and Security

Increase data privacy and security with advanced governance and privacy tools that monitor and regulate the sharing of PII data, including email accounts.

Future-Proof Pre-Existing Infrastructure

Deploy apps to any end-user on any device with built-in roster sharing and safe SSO to any app in the on-demand AppStore from any pre-existing enterprise portal or LMS.

School Passport™ 2.0 Features

GG4L ID – Universal Identity Provider

  • Centrally authenticates students (QR Code option), parents, (supports social credentials) and staff (enforcing secure 2FA) logins to all school apps, while protecting privacy.
  • Role-based policy defined by school IT for federating access credentials from several sources (AD, ADFS, Azure AD and Google LDAP).
  • Comprehensive oversight of user access helps districts understand usage patterns and detect potential abuse or intrusion.

GG4L Connect – Automated Rostering and User Account Provisioning

  • Eliminates the need for manual account creation by IT staff, teachers or end-users while offering centralized data governance.
  • Protects student and staff privacy through PII Shield, making sure that only necessary, authorized information is released to vendors.
  • Integrates easily with 40+ Student Information Systems (SIS), majority of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and LDAP Directories.
  • Learning applications are always up-to-date with the latest roster data by GG4L Connect’s advanced, standards-based roster data sharing technology.
  • Synchs grades, health, or any type of data between authorized applications.

On-Demand School AppStore

  • Centralized IT Staff controls all apps published in the school-centric AppStore.
  • Delegates on-demand activation capabilities to school administrators and designated teachers.
  • Provisions on-demand free trials and pilots of apps across the school.

School Passport for Teachers

  • Supports both on-site and remote online teaching and learning, from school or home.
  • Improves student engagement and saves class time by making it easier for students to find and log into resources.
  • Enables teachers to safely and instantaneously activate new apps from the School AppStore .

School Passport for Students

  • Provides easy access to school apps from any LMS or portal.
  • Ensures student online safety while protecting private data.
  • Utilizes safe access credentials, such as QR code for younger students.

School Passport for Parents

  • Shows all school related resources organized on a single portal.
  • Allows for easy login through social credentials from any device.
  • Provides access to track the child’s online activities. (coming soon)

School Passport™ 2.0 is a Trusted Digital Engagement Hub

Help your students get the most from their digital learning tools, remotely from home and in school, while ensuring their digital online safety.
School Passport 2.0’s AppStore empowers teachers and administrators to safely activate any app on-demand!

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The Fastest and Safest Way to Share Data with EdTech Vendors