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School Passport ® + Vonage APIs for Video, Voice, and Messaging = Safe Community Engagement 

Accelerate the EdTech Ability to Connect

Ask yourself:

  • Can your EdTech platform meet today’s digital learning challenges?
  • Does your platform have the communications tools educators need?
  • Can you offer a safe and engaging learning experience?

Deliver the ultimate combination:

iPaaS + CPaaS = Safe Learning and Community Engagement

With GG4L’s iPaaS School Passport and Vonage CPaaS, your EdTech product can offer multi-platform instruction in a safe learning environment. Vonage Communications APIs power digital platforms that create engaging video-based learning solutions. Now you can accelerate remote instruction with a robust learning experience that includes programmable video, messaging, and voice.

Top Communications Use Cases for Your EdTech App

1:1 and Group Video Consultations

1:1 and Group Video Consultations

Connect students, parents, and instructors on education and tutoring platforms.
Virtual Classrooms + Recordings

Virtual Classrooms + Recordings

Create richer eLearning platforms with screen sharing, annotation, and chat.
User Verification + Notifications

User Verification + Notifications

Provide valuable video classes over SMS and social apps.

Vonage APIs Help Businesses Like Yours Succeed

  • Deliver new hybrid learning experiences with the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform
  • Empower developers to build connected applications faster with award-winning developer tools and documentation
  • Reduce time to market with Global Enterprise Services expertise to help ensure success


Build richer interactive video into your web and mobile apps.



Lead the conversation
with programmable



Send and receive
SMS in nearly every



Engage on social
apps like Facebook
WhatsApp, and Viber.



Verify user accounts and prevent fraud with Autentication, 2FA two-factor authentication, or Verify

Does your digital learning experience pass the test?

Quick fact: Globally, 39% are learning online more than they were before COVID-19.
Vonage’s 10th Annual Customer Engagement Report reveals a permanent shift in student behavior and expectations.

Deliver Winning Learning Experiences Inside Your Application

Engage your audiences with safe and interactive communications—over voice, video, or text—on mobile and desktop.

  • Build engaging experiences using the right communications channels for each learning engagement.
  • Focus on building applications that meet your users’ educational needs. And we’ll take care of enabling your communications needs with broader and easier access to communications channels and contextual information.
  • Improve workflows and boost efficiency through custom reports and notifications.
  • Enjoy award-winning developer tools and sample applications to achieve faster time to market.

Protect User Information with Vonage Video API

From product design to advanced features, we are committed to user privacy. The security features built into the core of our mature platform ensure that user information is always safe. These include our standard always-on encryption and GDPR compliance.

Standard Security Features


Industry standard WebRTC

We leverage WebRTC, the most robust and widely used real-time video protocol. WebRTC is backed by Google and the global open developer community that responds rapidly to security challenges.

Always-on AES-128 encryption

All voice, video, and signaling traffic flowing through the Vonage Video API platform is encrypted in transit and at rest. AES-256 encryption is also available.

Up-to-date client SDKs

Our client SDK experts in iOS, Android, JavaScript, and Linux keep up with browser and platform updates and track down security loopholes (so you don't have to).

User IP address deletion

All IPs are guaranteed to be deleted from the Vonage platform within seven days.

Account dashboard and insights

Authenticated users can monitor your Video API account and project metrics to help ensure the integrity of your applications.

Built on AWS

We leverage AWS end-to-end capabilities to maintain the highest level of infrastructure security.

Advanced Security Features Can be Enabled as Needed for Your Application


Additional recording encryption

All video recordings can be protected with AES-256 encryption in transit and at rest to ensure deeper security.

Session analytics

Conveniently access Advanced Insights analytics to discover and diagnose security exposure.

Regional media isolation

We maintain compliance by restricting media traffic to regional media zones for the U.S., EU, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

Advanced firewall control

Enterprises can configure firewalls with “allowed IP” ranges or deploy their own servers for proxying through firewalls.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

For additional security of your application, you can deploy our Verify 2FA solution for your customers.

EU proxy

As part of the EU and Germany RMZ, all IP addresses can be masked to meet strict privacy requirements.

Achieving Industry Compliance

GDPR compliance

We are GDPR compliant and help your business ensure the highest standard of customer privacy and security.

Vonage privacy policy

Your user privacy is important. And we take active steps to protect that privacy.

Vonage data security and protection policy

Our Data Security and Protection Policy is designed to protect Vonage data in all situations and wherever they are located.

GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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