Career Readiness Programs

Bridging Education to Career

Provide Students with Meaningful Pathways to High Paying Jobs

As a Public Benefit Corporation, GG4L maintains significant mission focused initiatives to support students and schools around the world. Our primary initiative today is developing Career Readiness for students, beginning in their high school years.

We have worked with employers and partners in technology and education to improve pathways to in-demand jobs for students.  Our initiatives are built to scale impact, offer tangible opportunities to students, and to better connect the employment community to education.

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Benefits of the Career Readiness Initiative

For Students

For Students

  • Certification pathways to in-demand jobs
  • Work-based learning experiences
  • Access to employment opportunities
For Institutions

For Institutions

  • Turnkey instructional content with industry recognized certification
  • Improved career pathways 
  • Increased employer engagement
For Employers

For Employers

  • Capture early talent as employees
  • Create brand awareness
  • Focus on community engagment
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Certified Pathways from Industry Leaders

GG4L is the primary partner for several major IT and education vendors to deliver certified pathways in IT and other industry domains to high schools and community colleges. Most programs are offered free of charge to educational institutions, while some have modest license fees.  The programs are designed to develop entry level skills and span a variety of in-demand areas, such as cybersecurity, digital marketing, and many others. These programs offer online educational materials and completion badges for students.

Career Readiness Partners
  • AWS
  • Google
  • Coursera

    Work-Based Learning with Virtual Internships

    Work-based experiences are great for preparing students for careers, but are difficult for employers to support at scale. GG4L has developed a repeatable model for virtual internships that solves these issues and creates potential for students.

    GG4L was a Round 2 grant winner of the #CatalyzeChallenge   joining a group of bold innovators reimagining the future of education so that all young people can be prepared for the future. We’re pleased to provide the model for virtual internships to districts and other employers. Download our playbook to see how you can provide virtual internships for your students.

    GG4L  offers a turnkey virtual internship program called the Certified School Passport Administrator Program (CSPA), which is free for students and institutions. CSPA is our original virtual internship program that blends training and work-based learning experiences and has been proven to provide value for students.  This unique program prepares students for jobs in enterprise IT and software support, possibly with your institution or local community.

    Career Readiness with Coursera
    online learning

    Build a Career Ecosystem

    GG4L has leveraged our capabilities to build regional career ecosystems to bridge education to employment.  Our first initiative was in support of high school students in Ukraine, where we partnered with the Ministry of Education to offer certified career pathways to displaced students. We are actively building new communities with our partners and others around the globe.

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