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Secure Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

In the School AppStore, schools have secure access to apps with single sign-on protecting the personally identifiable information (PII) of students, teachers, and parents.

Application Integration

Application Integration

Connect to your school applications for free enabling the secure deployment of EdTech apps with pre-built connectors and automated data governance workflow.



Compass offers data analytics to improve student engagement, verify student outcomes, and measure the efficacy and use of EdTech applications.

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Sponsor-Funded Impact Initiatives

Safer Schools

Safer Schools

Supporting a safer school environment in order to enable teaching and learning.

Future-Proof Skills

Future-Proof Skills

Solving the anticipated future shortage in technology and business skills by starting with school learners before they enter the workforce.

Grants to fund your school apps

What schools and EdTech vendors say

  • The IMS Global conformance certification program ensures that educational institutions can be confident that their integrations are secure and fully interoperable with other certified products. Congratulations to Global Grid for Learning for joining in the growing IMS ecosystem by certifying the latest version of OneRoster!

    Dr. Rob Abel

    CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium
  • The broad use of educational technology in our classrooms would not be possible without the help from School Passport. The GG4L dashboard allows us to focus on different application usage over differing periods of time to gauge level of usage by location.

    Jeannie Fox

    Alachua County, IT system support analyst
  • Montgomery Public Schools has become involved with the Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) on multiple initiatives that are aimed toward school improvement. We are so grateful that GG4L has brought together solution providers and the funding to accomplish these important goals. School safety is our number one priority.

    Dr. Ann R. Moore

    Superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools, Alabama
  • Compass gives our staff a single place to drill into academic achievement, student attendance, and behavior, whether you’re a classroom teacher or a school or district administrator.

    Kim Arrington

    Chilton County, CIO
  • Millions of dollars are being spent each year by schools across the country on well-intentioned projects to address student safety and well-being, but to date there’s not been much research conducted on the outcomes of these projects. We hope that by joining this partnership, McREL can contribute to building a better evidence base that helps educators and parents make informed decisions about which approaches will work best for their students and schools.

    Bryan Goodwin

    McRel, President and CEO
  • We are proud to be a Sponsor of this strategic initiative toward the improved safety of our schools and the lives of children. I am also glad to see GG4L emerging as the low-barrier distribution enablement platform for cloud-hosted EdTech solutions into schools by inviting socially responsible corporations to participate in large-scale sustainable impact initiatives in education.

    Brian Thomas

    CEO, Lightspeed Systems
  • The GG4L Grant Program has made it possible to achieve our safety goals for classroom management and web filtering. GG4L was easy to work with and the grant process was simple and easy to enter into.

    Luke Childs

    Director of Technology at Escalon Unified School District
  • Receiving funding from the GG4L Grant Program enabled us to offset the cost of deploying new technology.The GG4L supported catalog of applications also helped us make decisions about which solutions to deploy.

    Dave Termunde

    Chief Technology Officer at Arbor Park School District

    Millions are already using
    Global Grid for Learning

    GG4L is a membership-based collaborative that is free to education institutions and available for a modest annual membership fee to any edtech organization. To date, hundreds of edtech organizations, serving hundreds of thousands of schools globally, have joined as GG4L members and agreed to GG4L’s membership pledge to advocate for open data interoperability standards, secure data exchange and strict student data privacy compliance.






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