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Our Mission

Connect, Catalyze and Guide sustainable Impact in K-12 Schools

Our Charter

The Global Grid for Learning™ (GG4L™) is a mission-driven, membership-based collaborative focused on impactful school initiatives.

With privacy and security top-of-mind, our stakeholders bring data-driven solutions to schools and districts, policy makers, community members, and ed-tech vendors. GG4L is mindfully designed to positively transform the academic success and well-being of ALL students.

The GG4L Collaborative

The GG4L Stakeholder Collaborative facilitates education-related data interoperability and accessibility as a public good utility, which will enable highly effective solutions for schools and districts to implement in accordance with their unique, local needs.

The GG4L Community

GG4L is sustained through social impact investors, corporate patronage, memberships and community engagement.

Problem | Solution | Benefits

The Problem

Procuring and integrating digital cloud-hosted education solutions within an education enterprise infrastructure is complicated, time consuming and expensive.

As a result, many educational institutions may be under-serving their learners because they are not able to keep up with, nor easily afford, best of breed innovative digital education solutions!

The GG4L Solution

The GG4L Stakeholder Collaborative facilitates a global, secure and self-sustainable digital education service delivery infrastructure, compliant with open industry standards, as a public good utility. Membership is free of cost to any education institution worldwide!

The GG4L Public Benefit Utility Infrastructure enables schools and districts to implement highly effective solutions in accordance with their unique local needs. 

The Benefits to YOU for your participation in the GG4L

Be it the digital learning data you create or consume, with GG4L you are always in control of achieving your mission-critical goals affordably and securely. 

GG4L is inviting all public and private schools and school districts, education agencies and non-for-profit associations, social impact investors, corporate social responsibility officers and EdTech companies to join the GG4L Collaborative to enjoy the rewards of your membership and contributions!


Improve student learning outcomes by extracting maximum, actionable insights from across all sources of digital education solutions, thereby:

  • enhancing data-driven decision-making capacity in schools; 
  • eliminating barriers to adopting innovative solutions;
  • driving optimal school/district/state resource allocation;
  • creating safer and healthier learning environments;
  • cultivating an enriched school culture for all; and 
  • addressing the unique needs of each and every student as ALL children can learn given the right set of supports!

As a membership-driven collaborative of stakeholders, GG4L will offer a series of sponsored Impact Initiatives resulting in customized, dedicated support for solutions that securely and successfully address key school challenges including:

  • student, parent and community engagement
  • student safety and wellness
  • universal access to free, appropriate and personalized learning

Meet the Chairman

Robert Iskander - CEO


Robert Iskander

Listed as one of the Top 100 EdTech Influencers in 2017 by EdTech Digest Magazine, Robert is a Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in Information Technology, strategic planning and innovation.  He is a global business leader passionate about leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for all, with a special focus on K-12 education. Iskander's leadership experience includes strategic business planning, operations, product road-maps, ecosystems, M&A, synergy modeling, roll-ups, due-diligence, global markets and cultural transformation. 

Meet the Leadership Team


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