Certified School Passport Administrator Internships

Certified School Passport Administrator Internships

Providing students with opportunities for work-based learning can be a costly endeavor for K-12 school districts, but we know that students who have access to CTE programs and other career readiness opportunities have a better chance at long-term success. Whether they go on to college or enter the workforce, students who have completed internships and other career readiness programs during their K-12 education gain skills beyond the typical academic rigor.

Benefits of Internships

There are many benefits to offering internships to students while they are still in high school. Students are introduced to potential career paths and have the chance to gain skills that will help them achieve their career goals. In many cases, they can gain certifications and experience that will make them more competitive in the job market. These opportunities also can benefit students when applying for more competitive universities.

GG4L’s Career Readiness Initiative

As a public benefit corporation, GG4L is committed to supporting career readiness opportunities for students and for K-12 professionals. We are driven by a steadfast commitment to enriching the educational journey for students of all ages and schools worldwide. Our foremost mission revolves around fostering Career Readiness.

Certified School Passport Administrator Program (CSPA) Internships

One of the programs we developed helps students gain hands-on experience. Certified School Passport Administrator internships offer students work-based learning opportunities that lead to better preparation for the future workforce. It was designed to help students not only learn the key aspects of managing GG4L’s School Passport (experience that translates very well to other tech roles) but also to prepare them professionally for playing a role in the workforce. As a part of their internship experience, students will participate in internal and external meetings with customer onboarding, customer support, and product development.

The experience students gain through participating in the 90-hour CSPA internship is invaluable. Certified School Passport Administrator internships are free for students and institutions and open to CTE high school students aged 16 and above, as well as community college students. Educational organizations interested in offering the CSPA virtual internship program for their students may contact sales@gg4l.com. To learn more about how the CSPA program, you can download the brochure and read our case study with Chicago Public Schools.

Monica Schultz and Nazli José recently joined the EdCuration podcast to share how the Certified School Passport Administrator digital internship grants flexibility, hands-on, real-world learning at no cost to students or districts.


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