Holiday Gift Ideas to Enhance Learning

Holiday Gift Ideas to Enhance Learning

Looking for holiday gift ideas that will do more than entertain your children but can also offer enrichment and enhance learning? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite products that parents can put under the tree to add smiles and enhance learning.


STEM Holiday Gift Ideas


PhiroPro by Robotix


Why Phiro? In the early years, children learn screen-free coding with both sequential keys and swish cards. Older children can code Phiro Pro, wirelessly using Scratch 2.0, Snap! or Phiro Code mobile app programming languages. We recommend Phiro Pro so it will grow with your child.  Phiro is Lego® and Arduino compatible.


Where to get it:


Coding Courses from AI World School


Why AI World School? AIWS offers self-paced coding courses with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. Check out the flagship AI courses, which are designed to build a love for coding in your children.


Where to get it:


AR/VR Holiday Gift Ideas


Merge – Cube and Headset


Why Merge? Merge headsets are highly recommended for their durability. With AR and VR becoming more mainstream, this soft, durable and flexible foam headset is comfortable, easy to wipe clean, and fits any face.


Where to find it:


Add the Merge Cube – available on Amazon – comes with a free 3-Month subscription to Merge EDU apps. The Merge Cube is the only product that lets you hold digital 3D objects (holograms), enabling an entirely new and powerful way to learn, with over 100 interactive science simulations that they can touch, hold and interact with.


disruptED Starter Kit


Why disruptED? disruptED helps build enthusiasm for AR and VR in younger children. We recommend the starter kit, which comes with 3 AR/VR Books, 3 Activity books, 3 Sticker sheets, 1 VR headset, and App download


Where to get it:


Literacy and Language Holiday Gift Ideas




Why Ello? Ello is an app-based reading coach that listens to your child read from real books, teaches and motivates them.


Our recommendation: Recent studies have demonstrated that audio to accompany the words your child reads improve literacy and comprehension.


Where to get it:




Why Studycat? Studycat is a language learning app for young learners. It aims to revolutionize the way kids learn a foreign language, by making it fun and engaging.


Where to get it:




Why StoryJumper? StoryJumper lets children become published authors, motivating them to continue writing, reading, and telling stories. With StoryJumper, you can create your own custom stories with (or for!) your children!


Where to find it:


Social Apps




Why Zigazoo? Zigazoo is a top-5 kids app on the Apple App Store and the world’s largest social network for kids.  Zigazoo prioritizes safety and positive interactions with our features that are carefully designed with your child in mind.


Where to get it:




Project-Based Learning Gift Ideas


The Iconic Home Architecture Set by 3Dux|Design


The Iconic Home Architecture Set is ideal for the modern-minded. This kit includes all cardboard pieces and connectors necessary to create the proposed architectural design along with extra components to let your imagination take over. Make a midcentury modern ranch, an urban row house, a plane, a car or anything else you can imagine. We recommend the Iconic Home Architecture Set.


Where to get it:


Remote Control Machines from Stemfinity


We recommend Remote Control Machines – Your children can build their own motorized vehicles and machines and control them with a wireless remote control unit.


Where to get it:


The holidays are a great time to give your children gifts that are not only fun and engaging but will enrich their minds and help them develop skills that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.





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