Secure Data Exchange with School Passport’s Privacy Shield

Secure Data Exchange with School Passport’s Privacy Shield

In the past several months, GG4L has announced several new privacy tools that help K-12 schools take control of data exchange. Data privacy is one of the biggest concerns for school IT leaders and district administrators. Schools not only work with more edtech vendors than ever but have also become one of the top targets of cybercriminals. This makes data privacy one of the top concerns for every school, and protecting PII is critical.

New Tools to Help Schools Take Control of Data Exchange

GG4L’s School Passport is the industry’s first platform to connect schools to their vendors without risking student data. The data exchange platform serves more than 3,000 school districts and higher education systems, and hundreds of edtech vendors. School Passport’s Privacy Shield, part of the School Passport Member Edition, is available at no cost to schools. Privacy Shield helps to safeguard school data by providing various levels of anonymization, as well as tokenized communications and other services to simplify the challenge for vendors to work with anonymized data.

What Does School Passport’s Privacy Shield Do for Schools?

School Passport’s Privacy Shield allows schools to provide an easy way for the edtech vendors with whom they work to access the information they need to be fully functional without needing to undergo traditional rostering. As GG4L CEO Robert Iskander explains, “School Passport’s Privacy Shield services allow more vendors to operate without accessing, using, or storing student personally identifiable information.”

Addressing Data Sprawl with School Passport’s Privacy Shield

School IT leaders and district administration have been struggling to manage the demand for more technology accessibility and the need to protect student data privacy. But with more than half of student data security breaches occurring on third-party systems, secure data exchange is no longer an issue that can be put aside. To ensure that edtech vendors are able to maintain the full functionality of their solutions while still aligning their platform with the necessary security, School Passport’s Privacy Shield will provide:

  • De-anonymized Reports for pre-approved school personnel
  • Personalization
  • Tokenized email services
  • Tokenized SMS and voice call services

Each of these solutions helps to ensure that edtech vendors are able to maintain data anonymization without losing functionality.

GG4L advocates for open standards-based data integrations, governed PII-free data exchange, and strict data privacy compliance. Our School Passport Privacy Shield anonymizes personal identifiable information before it reaches your platform while still allowing for personalization, authentication, and communication with end-users, saving schools and vendors costs while ensuring better compliance.

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School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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