Secure Data Exchange with School Passport’s Privacy Shield

Secure Data Exchange with School Passport’s Privacy Shield

Secure data exchange with your edtech vendors is now possible with School Passport's privacy shield, which anonymizes PII.

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Revolutionizing Secure Data Exchange in K-12 Schools

In our webinar, “Who can you trust when it comes to handling student data?” featuring Kevin Lewis and Rob Abel from 1EdTech Consortium, Bill Lohman from Vernon Parish School Board, Leo Brehm from Taunton Public Schools, and Michael King from GG4L, the panel provided valuable insights into the challenges and solutions related to secure data […]

Solving the PII Problem

There is inevitable risk as an edtech vendor working with K-12 schools. For most edtech providers, the standard operating procedure to obtain the data they need to work with a school is through rostering. What is rostering? Traditional rostering is a high-risk data exchange when the student’s personally identifiable information (PII) is copied from the […]

Identifying Trusted Apps – a Collaboration for Better PII Governance

How does 1EdTech determine the “trusted” status of an app in such a way that districts can trust that it’s not just a self-identified or pay-to-play feature? As Kevin Lewis, Data Privacy Officer for 1EdTech Consortium explains, it is a collaborative effort to determine trusted apps. The trusted apps work has been very valuable for […]

What Is Grade Sync and Why Do K-12 Schools Need It?

Grade Sync is a data exchange solution that enables teachers to seamlessly transfer grades from the Learning Management System (LMS) or edtech solution they are using to the school’s Student Information System (SIS). Without grade sync, educators would be forced to manually transfer grades from the edtech platform to the school’s main repository for grades, […]

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SchoolDay Wellbeing Protects PII with School Passport

SchoolDay Wellbeing, a subsidiary of GG4L, is a Helsinki-based edtech company whose efforts to improve social and emotional learning in schools have been recognized worldwide. In order to provide effective insights to the schools that use SchoolDay, they deliver highly customized reports to the teachers, administrators, and districts in which trends regarding the social and […]

Career Readiness Is the Future of Education

Since the early 2000s, there has been a strong push by the Department of Education to encourage high schools to focus more on career readiness programs. The pandemic only accentuated the skills gap – a growing need for workers with specific skills and the extreme gap that exists between the labor needed and the labor […]

Holiday Gift Ideas to Enhance Learning

Looking for holiday gift ideas that will do more than entertain your children but can also offer enrichment and enhance learning? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite products that parents can put under the tree to add smiles and enhance learning.   STEM Holiday Gift Ideas   PhiroPro by Robotix   […]

Why Reading Engagement Has Hit an All-Time Low in Schools

Post-pandemic testing results in English reflected a significant drop in scores across the nation. It has been the source of alarm for some districts, with reading engagement seeming to be at an all-time low. Districts rely on testing scores in part for some of their funding; the scores are used as a benchmark for measuring […]

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School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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