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Supporting District Goals to Foster Career Readiness

School districts are ultimately responsible for supporting students throughout their education, including preparing them for what comes after graduation. In the recesses of the district offices, it’s a very busy time of year. District administrators are evaluating their existing goals and achievements, and they’re already thinking about ad planning next year’s goals and budget. How […]

GG4L Career Readiness Initiative Supports School CTE Programs

As a public benefit corporation, GG4L’s primary mission is supporting continuous school improvement through sponsored impact initiatives. Our most recently launched initiative, our career readiness initiative, promises to be our most transformative yet. Why Career Readiness as a Focus? GG4L chose to focus on career readiness because of the desperate need for solutions that bridge […]

Schools Under Attack: Preventing PII Loss

Yet another school district fell victim to a ransomware attack this month. In just the past month, there were more than 16 disclosed ransomware attacks – half of which were on schools. In the past month, another ransomware attack, on Norman Public Schools, has completely debilitated the district. Both K-12 and higher education institutions are […]

Why Should High Schools Offer CTE Programs?

School administrators may question why high schools offer CTE programs. It can be challenging to update a school’s curriculum, especially in larger districts. However, with one of the primary mandates of every K12 school being to prepare students for college and the workforce, introducing programs designed to help achieve career readiness simply makes sense. The […]

Schools Can Improve Student Data Privacy

Student data privacy is one of the top concerns of school administrators. Achieving better protection with School Passport can improve efficiency, support your educators more effectively, and make compliance a snap. Choosing the Right EdTech Vendors One of the ways schools can ensure that they are protecting personal identifiable data (PII) is by carefully vetting […]

Increasing the Value of College with Coursera

What happens to students who enter college more prepared for the workforce? How does it impact their success to already have some college credit or college prep learning done by the time they attend? As it turns out, we can answer questions about how CTE programs like Coursera are increasing the value of college, thanks […]

Protecting Student Data as an Educator

Educators are using technology in the classroom more than ever, and that puts them on the front line of protecting student data. Student data privacy is more than just a nice thing to do; both by federal and state mandate, it is the law. So what can educators do to make sure they are taking […]

Introducing Work-Based Learning to K12 Students

Work-based learning (WBL) is a way to introduce students to careers and prepare them for the future workplace. More and more, career-readiness initiatives are being delivered in the K-12 and Community College settings, to ensure that students who choose not to go on to obtain a four-year degree are still being adequately prepared for their […]

Improve District Operational Efficiency with Secure Technology

Twenty-five years ago, schools were in the early phases of implementing technology to help simplify operations and improve district operational efficiency. At that time, email was in its infancy, home computers were just becoming more commonplace, and Wi-Fi was just being introduced to the world. Most of us could not fathom where we would be […]

The Role K12 Plays in Career Readiness

K12 schools have always played a role in career readiness. Thirty years ago, primary teachers inspired young students to think and dream about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Nothing has changed, except that K12 schools now have more practical ways of delivering career readiness to students and preparing them for the […]

The Deadline Is Approaching for Using ESSER and GEER Funding

Schools must use some specific ESSER and GEER funds by September 30, 2022, to avoid using the funds. These funds provide districts with an opportunity to use grant money to invest in a safer learning environment for their students.   What Are ESSER and GEER Funds?   Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) […]

How to Measure Students’ Enthusiasm for EdTech Products

As a school district, you can purchase all the edtech solutions in the world but justifying the expenditure can be difficult to do. How do you know if students are using the edtech products you buy? How do you know if it’s having the intended outcome? One of the best ways to measure the efficacy […]

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