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The Plentiful Pitfalls of Personally Identifiable Data

It is hard to overstate the gravity of personally identifiable information as it relates to any and all student and minor populations. By definition, personally identifiable information (PII) is a clear and present danger to every school and every district. We can look at the current data governance, what is planned, and which organizations are […]

SchoolDay Wellbeing Protects PII with School Passport

SchoolDay Wellbeing, a subsidiary of GG4L, is a Helsinki-based edtech company whose efforts to improve social and emotional learning in schools have been recognized worldwide. In order to provide effective insights to the schools that use SchoolDay, they deliver highly customized reports to the teachers, administrators, and districts in which trends regarding the social and […]

White House K-12 Cybersecurity Summit Urges School Leaders to Take Swift Action

Even large school districts with extensive IT budgets and prolific measures in place are not always capable of preventing a cybersecurity attack from occurring. All it takes is one person on one computer to click a link or download a file to create havoc. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize employee awareness training, strong […]

How Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Used School Passport to Quickly Integrate Data

Case Study: School Passport Enterprise Edition Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, a 22,000 student school district based in Kansas City, Kansas, has partnered with GG4L since 2021 and recently launched School Passport Enterprise Edition. We spoke with Julie Leach, Instructional Technology Coach, to learn how GG4L’s School Passport improved the district’s data exchange and student […]

GG4L’s Career Passport Program for IT Professionals Powered by Coursera

Unlocking the Benefits of Professional Development for K-12 IT Leaders  Are you a school district IT leader who wants to uplevel your skills and provide even better support to your district? GG4L is offering a Career Passport for IT Professionals, with 13 different software engineering and IT courses that you can take for professional development. […]

How Chicago Public Schools Improved Career Readiness with GG4L’s CSPA Virtual Internship Program

CASE STUDY – Certified School Passport Administrator (CSPA) – A Virtual Internship Program by GG4L Chicago Public Schools (CPS) was seeking an opportunity to provide career readiness programming to their students. They accepted applications from students and selected students to complete a virtual internship offered by Global Grid for Learning (GG4L). The Challenge It is […]

Back to School: Ensuring Data Privacy

As teachers and students head back to school for a new school-year, IT leaders in schools and at edtech companies will face some of their most challenging days. Not only is there a lot of pressure to make sure every classroom is up and running with the technology the students will use; but, there are […]

CSPA Virtual Internship Program Provides WBL Opportunities for High School Students

As a public benefit corporation, GG4L maintains significant mission-focused initiatives to support students and schools around the world. Our primary initiative today is developing Career Readiness for students, beginning in their high school years. One of our career readiness initiatives, the CSPA Virtual Internship Program, has had a very successful first year. With more than […]

How To Roster Microsoft Secure Data Sync (SDS)

Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) is a free service offered by Microsoft through their Office 365 for Education platform. When properly configured, it can pull in the roster data from the school’s SIS and create Office 365 groups. These groups are used for Microsoft-based educational curricula, including classroom activities done through Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Sharepoint, […]

How Can My School District Change to a New SIS?

There are many different Student Information Systems (SIS) to choose from. But what happens if a K-12 school wants to change to a new SIS? How difficult is it and what does it require?   How to Successfully Change Your SIS Changing to a new SIS can be overwhelming, but sometimes, there are cost or […]

How Do I Integrate My App or EdTech Solution?

EdTech vendors need to integrate with major SIS and LMS in order to be accessible to schools. The more accessible an edtech solution can be, the more the students and schools they can reach. There are several ways to integrate with the major platforms, which include school information systems like PowerSchool, Skyward, and Infinite Campus. […]

Report: K-12 Apps Share Student Data Nearly Unchecked

Advertisements are still making their way onto technology platforms used in U.S. schools far too often, proving a vehicle for sharing student data on social media sites, according to a recent report on K-12 product safety. The vast majority of K-12 districts, meanwhile, are not vetting all technology used by students or communicating with parents […]

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School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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