Why Do School IT Leaders Need to Improve their Cybersecurity Skills?

Why Do School IT Leaders Need to Improve their Cybersecurity Skills?

School IT leaders are charged with enormous responsibility for maintaining data privacy and delivering strong cybersecurity measures for their schools. Even if school IT leaders have external managed security partners who provide some of the support, they are still making many of the decisions about how to implement measures that protect PII.

Cybersecurity Threats Against Schools Are Growing

Not only are schools becoming a more popular target for cybercriminals, but the scope and breadth of the attacks are also becoming more sophisticated and more costly. In order to remain a step ahead of these attacks, school IT leaders must continually refresh their education and awareness about the latest threats and the newest technologies that prevent them.

Data Privacy Is Paramount

For school IT leaders, there is nothing quite as important as protecting PII data. There are many regulations that require this duty of care for PII in order for schools to maintain compliance, but it’s also important because it’s the private data of their colleagues and the students in their schools that is threatened. There are new and more secure methods of secure data exchange available that do not require traditional rostering, making an IT leader’s job easier.

Benefits of Continuing Education for IT Leaders

IT is a competitive career, and anything school IT leaders can do to improve their skills will improve their overall performance, leading to job security and better wages. And getting specific certifications, such as the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate offered by GG4L and powered by Coursera, can enhance and elevate an IT leader’s career.

Empower Your IT Career with the Exclusive Career Passport for IT Professionals

GG4L is pleased to offer our exclusive Career Passport for IT Professionals, with a wide range of educational opportunities for IT professionals, including the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate. This certificate gives school IT leaders professional-level training from Microsoft that results in an employer-recognized certificate from Microsoft and enhanced career skills.

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