CSPA Virtual Internship Program Provides WBL Opportunities for High School Students

CSPA Virtual Internship Program Provides WBL Opportunities for High School Students

As a public benefit corporation, GG4L maintains significant mission-focused initiatives to support students and schools around the world. Our primary initiative today is developing Career Readiness for students, beginning in their high school years. One of our career readiness initiatives, the CSPA Virtual Internship Program, has had a very successful first year. With more than 50 students participating in the program last year, we are excited to continue this beneficial program for the 2023-24 school year.

What Is the CSPA Virtual Internship Program?

This CSPA Virtual Internship Program is free for students and institutions and prepares students for jobs in enterprise software support. It provides students with a unique opportunity to gain skills that deliver meaningful pathways to jobs of the future. Created by Wally Reeves, Vice President of School Support at GG4L, the program focuses primarily on data integration and user authentication. Students are provided with online course content via Coursera, coupled with virtual meetings, discussion groups, and real-life hands-on work-related experiences.

“Students gain transferrable skills and knowledge which may be applied across multiple industries, where data integration and user authentication and access are part of the enterprise organization’s processes,” said Wally Reeves.

GG4L’s CSPA Virtual Internship Program Receives Catalyze Challenge Grant

GG4L was honored to be awarded a grant by The Catalyze Challenge to support scaling the program, allowing us to reach more students and school districts. The grant allowed us to scale our CSPA program and publish an open playbook describing our approach in detail so that any district or employer can adopt it. School districts such as Chicago Public Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, Cobb County Schools, Denver Public Schools, and more are actively participating.

“The CSPA Coursera content sparked genuine curiosity and interest among my students. They explored real-world data management and related topics with enthusiasm, some even conducting their own research about tangential concepts that align with their career goals. GG4L’s ongoing support and communication made it a smooth and enriching experience for all of us, and I hope to have many more students in CPS go through their CSPA certification course,” said Jay Fox from the CTE department at Chicago Public Schools.

Who Can Participate in GG4L’s CSPA Virtual Internship Program?

The CSPA program is open to CTE high school students aged 16 and above, as well as community college students. Educational organizations interested in offering the CSPA virtual internship program for their students may contact sales@gg4l.com.

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