Data Privacy

Report: K-12 Apps Share Student Data Nearly Unchecked

Advertisements are still making their way onto technology platforms used in U.S. schools far too often, proving a vehicle for sharing student data on social media sites, according to a recent report on K-12 product safety. The vast majority of K-12 districts, meanwhile, are not vetting all technology used by students or communicating with parents […]

Gain Control over Who Has Access to PII Data

The problem no one talks about – the risk of traditional rostering services duplicating PII data to a thousand or more EdTech vendors is not the only risk schools are facing. The biggest risk is that PII data is proliferating at an exponential rate, and it has become more and more difficult for schools to […]

Uncovering the Risk of Unknown Technology

Unknown technology that has access to your network and your PII data is inherently risky. How do you protect your school district from threats when you don’t even know they exist? One of the biggest threats to data privacy facing schools is the unknown technology that is downloaded or implemented by educators in the classroom […]

An Intro to School Passport’s PII Monitoring Dashboard

Picture yourself driving on a highway. The day is bright, the sky is clear, and you’re able to cruise along. Now picture that same drive, only the road ahead is obscured by thick fog. You have to put on the brakes, slow down, and ease your way down the road because you simply cannot see […]

Implement a Secure Data Exchange for Better Data Privacy

Technology has become so complex for schools. School IT leaders are often in a thankless position of attempting to juggle demands that have grown exponentially. There are a number of challenges districts face in managing their existing edtech ecosystems that prevent them from achieving better data privacy. Data Transfers Traditional rostering services require complex and […]

How Can Schools Reduce Privacy Risks?

Schools are faced with an inherent responsibility to protect the private data of their students and staff. As the use of edtech proliferates throughout schools, it becomes more and more difficult for districts to control how school PII is managed by edtech vendors. School districts face enormous challenges: Lack of control over how school PII […]

Rapid Growth of EdTech Causes Data Privacy Issues

Not long ago, it was rare for a school district to work with more than a couple of hundred different edtech vendors. That number has exploded exponentially with the rapid growth of edtech since the pandemic. The average school district is now utilizing an average of 1,400 different edtech vendors. What was a problem then […]

Class Rostering: The Privacy Problem No One Is Talking About

We have a privacy problem in K-12 that no one is talking about, but not talking about it is not helping. In years past, schools connected with maybe 200 different vendors. Traditional rostering services are duplicating data to each vendor. Duplicating roster data 200 times, to 200 vendors – 200 companies with their own data […]

5 Reasons Why Zero Trust is the Future of Data Privacy for Schools

In today’s world, data privacy is more important than ever. With the rise of cyber threats and physical attacks, schools need to take proactive measures to protect their students and staff. One such measure is Zero Trust, a security model that assumes no user or device can be trusted by default. What Is Zero Trust? […]

Does Your Data Exchange Put Your District at Risk of Exposing PII?

Not all data exchange solutions are equally secure. How do you know if your data exchange puts your district at risk of exposing PII? School districts have been using data exchange for years to give edtech vendors and other third parties the information they need. Unfortunately, most data exchange puts districts at risk of exposing […]

Zero-Trust in K-12 Schools

The threat to student data privacy is growing, and the only solution for better data management in schools is zero-trust. The term zero-trust has become very common, but what does zero-trust in K-12 schools look like? How does it impact policies protecting student data? Why Zero-Trust – and Why Now? The concept of zero-trust has […]

Zero-Trust Data Management Protects Student Data

The high-tech revolution that has occurred in edtech required an equal evolution in the way schools manage student data. Data management is at the forefront of every district’s responsibility, and the only sure way to offer the best possible protection is through zero trust.   What Is Zero Trust? Leo Brehm, Senior Vice President of […]

GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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