Data Privacy

Zero-Trust in K-12 Schools

The threat to student data privacy is growing, and the only solution for better data management in schools is zero-trust. The term zero-trust has become very common, but what does zero-trust in K-12 schools look like? How does it impact policies protecting student data? Why Zero-Trust – and Why Now? The concept of zero-trust has […]

Zero-Trust Data Management Protects Student Data

The high-tech revolution that has occurred in edtech required an equal evolution in the way schools manage student data. Data management is at the forefront of every district’s responsibility, and the only sure way to offer the best possible protection is through zero trust.   What Is Zero Trust? Leo Brehm, Senior Vice President of […]

Eliminating Data Security Risks in EdTech

Data security risks in the education setting can be a huge challenge. Every school must maintain a precarious balance between protecting student data privacy and providing the information necessary for the operation of the school and all its moving parts. It is an ongoing challenge, and schools are being targeted by cybercriminals more than ever. […]

The Benefit of Early Warning Service for Education Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks against schools are a growing threat to data security. Students are not the only target; staff and education leaders are also being compromised by these attacks. The only way to thwart cybercriminals is to take a more proactive stance in detecting threats early.   Partnering with the Best Because data security is the top […]

The Costly Risk of Not Prioritizing Student Data Privacy

There are ethical and moral reasons to prioritize student data privacy. There are also compliance reasons – federally mandated requirements for handling student data – that make it imperative. But at the end of the day, districts who do not prioritize student data privacy do so at the risk of costing their districts and their […]

Cybersecurity Protection – Is your District Insurable?

In January 2022, 3,000 schools were caught up in a cybersecurity incident. And the number of attacks continues to increase. Because of the increase in cybersecurity attacks against schools, many districts are considering cybersecurity protection in the form of cybersecurity insurance. The losses that school districts face are enormous. According to the U.S. Government Accountability […]

Schools Under Attack: Preventing PII Loss

Yet another school district fell victim to a ransomware attack this month. In just the past month, there were more than 16 disclosed ransomware attacks – half of which were on schools. In the past month, another ransomware attack, on Norman Public Schools, has completely debilitated the district. Both K-12 and higher education institutions are […]

Schools Can Improve Student Data Privacy

Student data privacy is one of the top concerns of school administrators. Achieving better protection with School Passport can improve efficiency, support your educators more effectively, and make compliance a snap. Choosing the Right EdTech Vendors One of the ways schools can ensure that they are protecting personal identifiable data (PII) is by carefully vetting […]

Protecting Student Data as an Educator

Educators are using technology in the classroom more than ever, and that puts them on the front line of protecting student data. Student data privacy is more than just a nice thing to do; both by federal and state mandate, it is the law. So what can educators do to make sure they are taking […]

Improve District Operational Efficiency with Secure Technology

Twenty-five years ago, schools were in the early phases of implementing technology to help simplify operations and improve district operational efficiency. At that time, email was in its infancy, home computers were just becoming more commonplace, and Wi-Fi was just being introduced to the world. Most of us could not fathom where we would be […]

Cyber Criminals Leverage PII to Target Schools

Districts around the country are being targeted by sophisticated cybercrime operations that are using personally identifiable information (PII) to target schools. Threats coming from Russia and from within our own country have compromised schools and districts throughout the U.S. The Threat Landscape Has Grown Since the Pandemic Districts were already well under way in digitizing […]

5 Ways to Protect Student Data Privacy When Shopping for EdTech

As we look forward to a new school year, one of the exciting aspects of being a school IT leader or district administrator is choosing new edtech for your school. Each year, as data gets more relevant and precise, it’s easier to identify gaps in curriculum. Combined with feedback from educators, shopping for edtech products […]

GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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