An Intro to School Passport’s PII Monitoring Dashboard

An Intro to School Passport’s PII Monitoring Dashboard

Picture yourself driving on a highway. The day is bright, the sky is clear, and you’re able to cruise along. Now picture that same drive, only the road ahead is obscured by thick fog. You have to put on the brakes, slow down, and ease your way down the road because you simply cannot see what’s out there – and not knowing means danger. Lack of visibility makes it difficult to move forward. Schools have the same problem in data management: Student PII is out there, but who has it and how it’s being shared is a murky picture. School decision makers are forced to proceed with caution. As with the driver on the highway, schools need visibility. That’s where School Passport’s PII monitoring dashboard comes in.

PII Monitoring Dashboard Gives Schools Visibility

One of the most important features of the new School Passport data exchange is the PII monitoring dashboard we provide that gives your school the visibility to not only see what EdTech products are being used but which ones have access to PII data and which ones put the school at risk by connecting through traditional rostering services, which do not mask the PII data the way School Passport does. With a quick glance, school IT leaders and administrators are able to see where the risk is highest and determine what steps are needed to take to mitigate that risk. You can drill down to see who has access to unmasked PII data so that you can stop it.

Traditional Rostering Services Exacerbate Risk

School Passport’s dashboard will help you visualize the leaks. Schools have, until now, had minimal control over how school PII is managed by EdTech vendors, making it a challenge to keep school data safe and private. Traditional rostering services have exacerbated this by copying roster data to every EdTech vendor that a school contracts with, increasing the school’s liability and risk of reputational damage over lost and stolen PII, and interfering with the school’s ability to effectively comply with data privacy laws. PII monitoring helps schools mitigate that risk.

Don’t Just Monitor PII. Control It.

Unlike traditional rostering services in the industry or privacy policies loaded with promises, School Passport empowers EdTech apps without the need to share student data. School Passport’s PII monitoring includes usage dashboards and reports that empower school leaders to take action with our platform’s control console. Our console categorizes and prioritizes the PII risks according to custom rules configured during the rollout of School Passport in your school district. That’s when our PII anonymization services come to the forefront.  Your staff can select whether to filter PII to specific vendors.  We offer a robust API framework for vendors to implement that allows vendors to create accounts for users, manage authentication and logins, create personalized experiences, communicate with users, and other more complex use cases like badging and credential reunification.

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech application, is easy to implement for schools and vendors, and eliminates the need to share school PII.  Our PII monitoring dashboard gives you the visibility you need to take control of your data. We invite you to learn more.

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School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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