GG4L Career Readiness Initiative Supports School CTE Programs

GG4L Career Readiness Initiative Supports School CTE Programs

As a public benefit corporation, GG4L’s primary mission is supporting continuous school improvement through sponsored impact initiatives. Our most recently launched initiative, our career readiness initiative, promises to be our most transformative yet.

Why Career Readiness as a Focus?

GG4L chose to focus on career readiness because of the desperate need for solutions that bridge the gap between what students are learning and what employers need. Filling that gap – with tech-based learning and work-based learning – aligns perfectly with GG4L’s core offerings that connect schools across the country with the best edtech solutions in the world – securely and efficiently.

How Does GG4L’s Career Readiness Initiative Support School CTE Programs?

CTE programs provide comprehensive, hands-on learning for students that better prepares them for the jobs of the future workforce. The benefit of our efforts is not just for students, however. In addition to preparing students with the future skills they will need to be able to thrive, we offer schools the ability to quickly implement new curricula that helps their districts deliver a powerful education that benefits the entire community. The benefits of a comprehensive CTE program delivered in the K-12 setting include:

  • Delivering stronger student job outcomes and increasing the likelihood of college attendance
  • Increasing student competitiveness with by preparing them with industry-recognized credentials
  • Providing a range of credential skill levels and courses appropriate for entry level students
  • Providing a range of certificates in many in-demand IT fields that allow students to either start their career directly after high school or pay for college without loans

Career Readiness Is More than Just Education

GG4L’s career readiness initiative Is more than just a class or program. It is a solution ensuring that America remains competitive on an international scale and that the American economy can continue to thrive as a new generation – one that has literally been raised on technology – takes the reigns. In addition to supporting K-12 CTE programs, GG4L offers additional career readiness solutions.

Work-based learning (WBL) programs prepare students to be prepared for entry-level positions in major corporations directly out of high school and allow businesses in the community to develop a pipeline of talent that helps drive better retention rates.

Career Passport, which has been piloted in Ukraine, offers certified career pathways to displaced students by building regional career ecosystems to bridge education to employment.

We invite you to learn more about our career readiness initiatives here or get in touch if you’re a corporation interested in supporting our initiatives.

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