Strengthening Student Engagement

Strengthening Student Engagement

As an educator, strengthening student engagement is always top of mind. So finding a tool that is deigned to give you X-ray vision into what your students are reading, studying, and actively learning about online to help you achieve the goal of strengthening student engagement would seem like a miracle. But that miracle really exists in the form of GG4L’s School Passport Engagement module.

What Is Engagement?

Engagement is part of School Passport and is a tool designed to monitor, measure, and strengthen student engagement. The solution measures student learning on the internet using patented technology to monitor and measure quantity and quality of time spent, automatically scoring and categorizing the time. Engagement answers questions you need to know to properly support your students:

  • Where are they spending time on the internet?
  • How much time are they spending?
  • What subjects are they studying online?
  • What specific websites are they navigating to?
  • How much and what are they reading?

This detailed information helps educators customize and personalize assignments, understand interest levels of different subjects for students, and allows teachers to design assignments that keep a student’s interest more effectively. Engagement’s smart technology measures engaged reading and learning time online across the entire web. Engagement also calculates the reading level and subject area of every webpage, regardless of whether it is free open-sourced content or a paid application or program.

What About Student Data Privacy?

Engagement is only activated when a student is using a school-provided device being used for educational purposes. It is completely secure and does not violate student privacy. It simply automates the measurement process and illuminates learning happening beyond the traditional classroom setting. The benefit to students is that it can help fulfill curriculum requirements and give them credit for work, research, learning, and reading that might not otherwise be counted.

Benefits Beyond Students and Teachers

Administrators and IT leaders in schools also benefit from employing Engagement. School Passport’s Engagement module breaks down all engaged time by website, app, program, subject area, and reading level organized by school, class, and student. This data can be used to measure the value of specific edtech solutions and websites, helping school districts make more informed decisions about future technology investments. Districts can:

  • Measure and empower online learning
  • Understand student’s online reading levels
  • Improve student outcomes
  • Discover students’ passions and interests
  • Make better EdTech decisions

Empowerment for Every Stakeholder

Engagement empowers educators, students, administrations, parents, and IT leaders. It broadens understanding on an individual, classroom, and grade level, providing the kind of insight districts need to improve the education in their schools.

GG4L’s School Passport is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with the ability to measure engagement. Learn more about Engagement and how it increases student performance.

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School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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