Writing to Win Applied Grammar

It’s not just about learning grammar!

It’s about using it! 

Writing to Win Applied Grammar effectively blends l language conventions, l increasingly mature grammatical patterns, and l writing style in students’ writing. With engaging oral, kinesthetic, and written practice, students say there are having fun. Evidence: Two 30-minute sessions for 18 weeks ensure double-digit gains on ELA and writing tests.

For the complete story, read the White Paper on our website or view the short video.

Be sure to add Writing to Win Paired Texts Packets – Differentiated Reading Comprehension and the Writing Process in every packet! 

Writing to Win Paired Texts Packets fully integrate reading and writing where students write as much as they read in every session. Student groups build their working vocabulary at four levels of reading compre­hension  l literal  l inferential  l evaluative  l applied comprehension and three modules of the writing process  l prewriting options  l revision strategies and l evaluation rubrics. Evidence: Three 30-minute sessions a week for three weeks show mastery of informational, narrative and opinion-argument genres and double-digit gains in ELA and writing.