Waterford was founded in 1976 by a pioneering educator who believed he could use technology to help promote the academic success of every child. Today, that’s still the belief that drives us.
Every child deserves a great start
At Waterford, we make tools that grow the reach and impact of great teachers. We encourage and contribute to research around integrating technology and early learning. We use technology to personalize each child’s learning experience. Because every child deserves a great start.
As a nonprofit, we invest more time and resources into quality curriculum, research, and excellent service.
We continually push forward in technology, but never lose sight of our commitment to research-based practice and evaluation–all with the ultimate goal of real student growth.
Our adaptive curriculum was the first of its kind, launching the use of technology as a means to give each child a uniquely personalized learning experience. Today, our curriculum leads the industry with its breadth and depth of activities.

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