Voice Thread

VoiceThread is a cloud application, so there is no software to install. The only system requirement is an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash. VoiceThread will work in any modern web browser and on almost any internet connection.
Upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. Over 50 different types of media can be used in a VoiceThread.
Comment on VoiceThread slides using one of five powerful commenting options: microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload.
Keep a VoiceThread private, share it with specific people, or open it up to the entire world. Learn more about sharing VoiceThreads.
Seamlessly integrating VoiceThread into your Learning Management System (LMS) is the key to user happiness. VoiceThread works well within a broad range of systems, but the most powerful option is the standard developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). LTI allows VoiceThread to integrate into most major Learning Management Systems, including but not limited to Blackboard, Sakai, Canvas, Desire2Learn, BrainHoney and Moodle.
Reporting and Analytics provides the who, what, when, where, and how much, with customizable charts and graphs.
The custom homepage provides a dedicated, customizable website for license holders to create a frontpage for their VoiceThread work.
VoiceThread employs world-class, highly secure data centers that utilize state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. The data centers employ environmental systems designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations.
In addition, VoiceThread utilizes Amazon Web Services. The AWS cloud infrastructure that powers the platform has been designed and managed in alignment with standard regulations and best practices.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: