Tumble Readables

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Service provider: TumbleBooks

The Tumblebooks site has close to 100 animated story books by well-known authors and illustrators, including recent titles. Kids will also like the book-related puzzles and games. (Parents will like the fact that Tumblebooks is completely commercial-free.)

The “Tumble Readables“ collection offers about two dozen longer books, mostly classics, for older children. Need ways to teach your child about social or health issues? Tumblebooks‘ “Life Learning“ section has stories and nonfiction books that touch on issues from asthma to volunteering. Lastly, the “Language Learning“ link takes you to titles in French or Spanish.

Tumblebooks is provided by our library for Champaign library card holders. Tumblebooks work on most PCs or Macs, and there‘s no access code required. You‘ll need the Flash 6 plug-in on your computer; Tumblebooks will alert you if you don‘t have it and lead you to a free download.

There‘s no need to download each book; just click on the “View Online” button beside the book you want, and it opens right up.

-Includes early reader and chapter books, and young adult novels – plus, American and English literature classics.
-Features adjustable online text and complete audio narration.
-Sentences are highlighted as they are being read and the pages turn automatically.
-Perfect for ESL students.

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