Total Reader

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Service provider: Total Reader

Total Reader helps teachers, parents and tutors assess reading ability instantly. Because Total Reader provides a current Lexile measure, it’s always easy to direct students to resources in the right range for encouraging reading growth.

The Lexile Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to reading and text measurement. It includes the Lexile measure and the Lexile scale. The Lexile measure is a reading ability or text difficulty score followed by an “L” (e.g., 850L). The Lexile scale is a developmental scale for reading, ranging from 200L for beginning readers to above 1700L for advanced text.

TR is a low-stakes assessment tool to supplement instructional reading programs in the classroom. A teacher should have students use it to monitor reading progress over time. It also provides supplemental reading on a student’s individual Lexile level. Total Reader effectively monitors the effectiveness of all reading programs.

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