Suite360 – Character education and Social Emotional Learning for K-12 Students. Research indicates children with greater social-emotional competence are more likely to be college-ready, have positive relationships and become engaged citizens. Evolution Labs developed our Suite360 program to help schools proactively address student success and wellness while also fostering a positive emotional school climate. Our objective is short and long term SEL gains for all students without burdensome teacher training or complicated implementation procedures for administrators. Suite360: Student is our preK-12 digital character development program and Suite360:Intervention is our restorative justice program for students who need extra support with conduct and behavior. Our Topic Library includes hundreds of lessons, professionally-developed by educators and experts, on critical topics today’s schools face. Evidence-based research is important to the development of Suite360, so every lesson is rooted in at least one of CASEL’s (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning ) Core Competencies. Specifically designed for Gen Z students, Suite360 employs engaging interactive content via desktop, web-responsive and mobile app design; all of which is easily tailored to achieve desired learning outcomes.

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