Student Behavior Assessment Tool

Academic Window’s Student Behavior Assessment Tool is the gold standard in web-based, student-centered programming that provides a preventive form of counseling with consistent, data-driven follow-up. Its content design and technological platform provides confidential collaboration among students, counselors, and teachers with the goal of improving a students’ personal growth and academic performance. We have integrated the SWOT model to help students become more self-aware and to learn how they are perceived by their peers and teachers. Because of the preventive model applied by Academic Window, addictions, bullying, depression and suicide rates are dropping with the more than 36,000 members currently using our program platform.

Academic Window’s home office is based out of Manchester, NH. Effective preventive counseling is a proven platform, where school counselors, teachers, students and parents find the tools they need to see results in school counseling. Data-driven counseling drives applied therapies to improve self-efficacy and increase student motivation. Students will thrive socially, emotionally and academically. The tool uses methodologies that have been continuously developed by academia since 1997.”


This Catalyst catalog solution provides: