SEIS provides centralized online management of IEPs and Special Education records.
Teachers and Service Providers can edit IEP forms at any time, from any device with Internet access. The IEP forms are pre-populated with information from the SEIS Student Record, eliminating repetitive data entry. SEIS has a built-in CASEMIS error check utility which can be used at any time. This error check also runs automatically during the IEP Affirm/Attest process so that CASEMIS errors are found and corrected as part of the IEP process.
All CASEMIS, IEP, and Table C Disciplinary information is collected and stored in SEIS from the time the student is first entered into the system. The student’s records, and all of their historical information and IEPs, moves with the student when they transfer to any of the nearly 1,000 districts using SEIS, even when transferring to a different SELPA!

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: