It All Started in the Classroom

Four college students – Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad, and Bill Kindler – saw firsthand how education technology fell short of its promise to improve the learning experience for students and instructors. They decided to change that by building an LMS aligned with the needs and learning style of education in the real world.

Much has Changed but Our Mission’s the Same

Fast forward to today. Schoology is now in every corner of the world. We’ve grown and so has our community, but our mission is just the same. We’ll continue to advance what’s possible in education.

Passion is the Most Powerful Engine
Our shared passion for helping instructors and students have the best education experience possible keeps us focused and drives us to work hard every day.

There’s No Success Without Collaboration
After all, collaboration is the core of what Schoology is about. We believe that the instructors, the students, the parents, the Administrators, and the Schoology team are all in this together.

Innovation is in Our Blood
We build products to inspire the innovators in the classroom and, in turn, inspire the world’s most important resource—the innovators of the future.

We Learn Every Day
We strive to stay curious, listen to those who know, learn something each day, and always be open to new ideas. How could we not?

Integrity is Our Foundation
We stand by our word, our mission, our values, our product, and each other. There may be glitches along the way, but integrity combined with trust and respect gives us the strength to push forward together.

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