SchoolMapt by Maptelligent

Maptelligent, Inc (formerly GEOcommand) is on mission – a mission to save lives. Through the use of geospatial technology, Maptelligent is transforming the way schools can share data and information providing access by those who need it most during a time of crisis…first responders.

Meet SchoolMapt: A tailored version of SiteMapt, SiteMapt allows for a location-first approach to connecting multiple disparate data sources and business systems into one cohesive situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets. Have all your crucial data, intuitively organized, at your fingertips—for day-to-day operations and in the event of an emergency.

SchoolMapt brings the power of SiteMapt to K-12 schools.  Data collection and sharing when children are involved requires extra caution, so Maptelligent has built a robust data management platform with easy controls to turn access off to outside users and agencies, or even restrict access to internal users.

When building SchoolMapt, Maptelligent takes special care not to include children in any final photographs or videos, and any security camera feeds are restricted to internal use only by default.

Use SchoolMapt to help with your state’s information and security laws:

  • Maintain accurate floor plans—both in digital and print form
  • Keep your evacuation plans up to date and easily disseminate them
  • SchoolMapt for Visualization.

Are you upgrading your door access, visitor tracking system, or installing panic buttons? SchoolMapt can integrate with and display those in their actual locations.  You can also use SchoolMapt to aid in drills, tabletop exercises, and planning.


This Catalyst catalog solution provides: