School Passport

The platform powering The Global Grid for Learning is purpose-built for K-12, designed to revolutionize how education technology is deployed, measured and financed. The GG4L platform helps schools deploy cost-effective EdTech solutions thanks to the generous support of GG4L members and sponsors.

Give students, guardians and staff 24 x 7 access to applications and content on any device from any location. Streamline access to on-line resources for all users and save valuable classroom time with Passport’s personalized home page and single sign-on.

Application Usage Analysis

Gain insight into when, from where and how often applications are used to help fine-tune technology investment. Analyze usage patterns across applications, classes, facilities, locations, or categories of users to ensure resource availability, understand user experience and inform decisions.

Online Safety & Security

Know your users with federated authentication. Protect the personal information of students, guardians and staff with advanced governance and standards-based single sign-on. Quickly and easily revoke a user’s access to all applications when access is no longer authorized.


This Catalyst catalog solution provides: