The Classroom Education Plan (CEP) is central to QoreInsights’ mission to make impactful instruction and equitable student outcomes a reality, at scale. The CEP is a practice-embedded, personalized decision support and professional development system for teachers. The CEP achieves these goals by bridging the research-to-practice gap, recognizing the realities of teachers’ work, where they neither have the time nor expertise to conduct data analysis or find and translate complex research into practice.

The CEP’s decision intelligence platform and our team of learning scientists and master teachers have done that work for them. All a teacher has to do is select suggested ranked classroom needs, matched evidence-based CEP Strategies, and then commit to progress monitoring the impact of their learning and implementation journey. But they won’t take this journey alone. They have guided PLC sessions with their school colleagues or online with teachers from other schools (or both) to share ideas and get feedback, anytime accessible materials, asynchronous webinars, and online forums and communities to ask questions and share materials to deepen understanding and improve practice.

The CEP helps teachers to make more efficient and effective instructional decisions by providing them with the lesson plan-ready, evidence-based instructional strategies their students need, determined from whole-child data they value and trust. CEP Strategies are developed and tested through a twenty-step process by teachers, content experts, and socio-emotional learning specialists. Dashboards, to-dos, and nudges influenced by behavioral science, facilitate teacher engagement.

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