Off2Class is a teacher toolkit that provides English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers with extensive lesson content, homework, a placement test and assessments that work seamlessly between physical and online classrooms. This ‘digital-first’ approach is perfect for hybrid programming needs. It also allows teachers working with English Learners (ELs) to save time and ultimately create a better learning experience for students.

Off2Class supports student and teacher success in virtual or face-to-face settings. In both settings, teachers can assign homework and assessments in just a few simple steps. When using Off2Class, there is no need for teachers to plan for every lesson. Instead, teachers can focus on student learning progress and addressing individual needs while ultimately saving time and resources.

Off2Class is designed with equity in mind and can be utilized in low bandwidth environments on any screen-enabled device. Students can use a phone, tablet or laptop to attend lessons and complete post-lesson activities and reviews. There is no special application to download: it’s browser-based simplicity!

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: