Mightifier is a character education program preventing social isolation, loneliness and bullying for K-6 including:

  • Online character development profiles for each student
  • Tracking tools to follow well-being development on individual and group levels and compare results between schools and classes
  •  Material library for teachers with step-by-step lesson plans and exercises easily available and adaptable for different needs within SEL, character education and well-being

MIghtifier is easy to implement and requires just one-hour online training. After that, a weekly minimum recommendation is 15 minutes. Already in five weeks, we’ve seen an improvement in students’ self-esteem and growth mindset by 39% and in classroom spirit by 26%. Teachers can focus on teaching, not classroom behaviour management.

Mightifier gives a detailed insight into individual students’ situation along with concrete steps for enhancing socio-emotional competencies and growth mindset. A positive a safe school culture and teacher and student relationship is essential for both learning academic skills and 21st century skills. Mightifier not only drives for immediate impact but also for success later in life.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: