MagicBox is powering personalized learning through technology for more than 5 million learners globally. MagicBox is an award-winning SaaS-based, cloud-hosted, end-to-end digital publishing & next generation mobile distribution platform that enables publishers, authors and content providers to create, manage, enrich and deliver their digital content through custom branded web and mobile apps.

MagicBox eases the creation and distribution of digital content for all your publishing needs, while ensuring robust digital rights management and compliance with industry standards. Some features that make MagicBox special includes assessments, course authoring, analytics, DRM, eReader etc. The platform offers adaptive and personalized assignments, in addition to features such as real-time feedback, sending individual reports directly to parents and the like. Overall the system is totally secure so that all student data is accessible only with proper authentication and authorization.

With in-built templates, themes and interactions, publishers and educational institutions can create, modify and update eLearning courses without the need for extensive resources or a large in-house team. Robust analytics including performance analytics, content usage analytics, and learning behaviour allows schools, publishers to do real-time decision making. eReader app allows both online and offline learning, promoting data equity as well as smooth reading experience, student engagement and learning content accessibility.

The platform has a ready-to-use integration toolkit, MagicSync, that allows easy integration with rostering platforms using the IMS OneRoster® standard. MagicBox allows integration withLMSs using the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) standard.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: