LP BookSpace by Living Popups
LPBOOKSPACE by Living Popups is the 21st century answer to our literacy epidemic

Living Popups created LP BOOKSPACE to be the innovative reading intervention solution to help students improve their reading comprehension, retention and vocabulary while raising overall standardized testing scores. Is it a game changer?  Completely.  Students love it.

How does it work?

Simply, LP BOOKSPACE adds augmented reality elements to required reading for grades 7-12 that brings the material to life in an innovative, fun and purposeful way. These days, students have anxiety and a lack of confidence around reading. LP BOOKSPACE uses mobile devices and augmented reality, both things kids enjoy, and creates an impactful learning experience that helps kids reduce stress and build confidence around reading.

Is it integrated into the curriculum?

Definitely! 100%! This is not a standalone AR experience. It’s a comprehensive teaching tool. The app has a dashboard that lets teachers and parents monitor students’ progress. Teachers can even add custom curriculum while simultaneously capturing anonymized data to measure outcomes.

LP BOOKSPACE is a total game changer in the fight to raise literacy and test scores in our schools.



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