LightSail Education

Rosen-LightSail’s patented educational e-reading platform puts authentic high-interest, content-aligned books from top publishers (HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Hachette and many more) onto any device 24/7. Powerful non-intrusive, in-text formative assessments track regular progress, build stamina and ensure growth for all learners. The library includes English and Spanish-language books and allows flexibility to import texts in other languages.  Using real-time data aligned to state standards, the tool adapts book recommendations based not only on students’ Lexile levels but also on their interests.  The tool includes thousands of fiction and non-fiction books to support both a love of reading. Cross-curricular flexibility facilitates  books and activities  to support ELA, Science, Math, Social Studies, SEL, Financial Literacy and more.

Rosen-LightSail’s smart design brings equity and personalization to students who need a little more support to read independently with integrated tools to help students with dyslexia, ADHD, visual impairments, and mind-wandering challenges.

Customization is important and Rosen-LightSail’s Content Builder module allows educators and curriculum developers to import their own texts, in any language, and create their own embedded questions to support your specific curriculum.   The platform also includes a multi-language Fluency Builder module to grow your language learning students’ oral fluency skills with powerful read-aloud practice as well as speaking and listening activities.

Educators have real-time access to 150 data points to provide targeted, personalized instruction that is so important to accelerate learning.  In fact,  research from Johns Hopkins School of Education proves Rosen-LightSail accelerates learning when used regularly in classrooms.

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