Learning Genie

Learning Genie is serving more than 1000+ child development centers/preschools including school districts, agencies, private learning centers, and family childcare providers. We provide the most powerful and flexible portfolio and assessment rating tools for child development observation, documentation, and assessment rating. Our program is ideal for state or federally funded programs that need to meet the documentation and assessment reporting requirements set by the Department of Education.

In addition, Learning Genie’s innovative and interactive daily reporting feature makes us the leader in family engagement software. We are not just a photo-sharing and daily reporting tool, we aim to involve parents in children’s early learning to achieve the best home-to-school connection. Teachers are able to share learning content such as ebooks, songs, interactive learning media, parenting tips and reminders to support continued learning at home. We believe a connected learning experience between school and home will increase childhood outcomes.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: