Kimono enables secure sharing of student, staff, and learning data among many software applications in a school using our integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Built specifically for education, Kimono reduces the burden for partners, as it connects with any student information system and enables partners to create complex mappings and customizations for customers, without managing point-to-point integrations. And because Kimono supports bi-directional data, it can share learning data back to the SIS – cutting in half the time teachers spend entering grades.

 Kimono ingests data through a common pipeline, and then shares it with applications over a Publish & Subscribe architecture that supports a growing number of industry-standard data models, infrastructures and APIs. Our standards-agnostic platform utilizes the preferred data standard and integration method for each SIS and application in one seamless solution. This makes data integrations easy for our partners to implement and efficient to manage from one web console.

 With more than 15 years working with school districts and developing integration solutions for education, we understand how to make complex integrations simple.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: