IMAGO is a social and emotional learning (SEL) platform with a mission to prepare students with the critical skills and knowledge for professional and personal success. To achieve this we provide explicit online video curricula for learners and teach-centered professional development workshops for educators.

We have designed and produced over 200 multimedia digital lessons for: career exploration (through a solving global problems lens), workforce preparation (through developing self-, social-, and systems awareness skills) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for behavioral intervention, school climate, leadership, and graduate profiles.

IMAGO offers Curricula and Custom Content Development Services: The creation of new content is a collaborative design process that includes: planning sessions, researching, scripting, storyboarding, videography, photography, graphic design, animation, audio recording, multimedia editing, talent selection and coordination, studio preparation, and customer feedback and approvals. Finished product will be uploaded with in-lesson study guides and facilitator guide that includes: assessments, reflections, scenarios, think ahead questions, non-digital projects, and extended resources into the IMAGO platform.

IMAGO offers Educator Training: Emotionally Intelligent Facilitation: This 8-hour interactive workshop will improve general leadership, teaching practices, with tools and practices that help imbed social emotional competencies throughout a variety of programs or systems. Expect to work independently and collaboratively, listen and talk, to write and draw, to analyze and synthesize, and to have fun, be challenged, and learn from it. This is a fully online course divided into six parts: 1) Social-Emotional Learning & Future of Work, 2) Facilitative Leadership, 3) Equitable Communication, 4) Personal and Corporate Values and Behaviors, 5) Systems Thinking for Conflict Resolution, and 6) Team Empathy. Successful completion will generate a certificate and one CU credit.

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