Heroes Made

Introducing Heroes Made: The Ultimate Social Emotional Learning Solution for Elementary Schools Worldwide.

Heroes Made offers a direct and effective SEL platform for elementary schools globally. Our powerful methodology requires zero prep, delivering fun and engaging SEL lessons with ease.

Teachers can choose from a wide selection of pre-made digital curricula, presented as creative fun stories. Students create personalized avatars, becoming heroes in these stories, fostering personal and collective journeys to bring back emotional equilibrium to their classrooms and communities.

Our platform allows three teaching methods:

Pre and Post-Session Questions: Engaging students and ensuring a deeper understanding of the material.

Activities: Fostering emotional intelligence and collaborative learning.

Metacognition Engagement: Encouraging self-reflection and vital emotional skills development.

Heroes Made goes beyond informative learning. It empowers students to apply emotional intelligence in real-life situations, nurturing balanced individuals and building empathetic communities.

Join us to revolutionize Social Emotional Learning for elementary schools worldwide. Empower the next generation as they become heroes and inspire positive change.

Discover the power of SEL with Heroes Made – Transformative, Empowering, and Fun!

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: