Education Walkthrough
Classroom walkthroughs should be easy, efficient, and effective. Education Walkthrough enables you to create custom walkthrough templates, complete a 10-min observation, and share immediate feedback with teachers.

The all-in-one tool includes a user-friendly mobile app (IOS & Android) and a web-based admin dashboard. The platform enables you to select our standard walkthrough rubric or build a custom rubric. Once a rubric is created, you can add your teachers, and start a walkthrough. Immediately when you click start, a timer begins counting. You can now observe, select answers, and add comments to the rubric on your phone, tablet, or computer. At the end of the walkthrough, you can click submit and the app will automatically generate a PDF with all your feedback, your signature, the time in and out, and your school logo. Now, you can click one button and an email gets sent to the teacher with the PDF attached!

Education Walkthrough was started to 1) Empower administrators to become great evaluators, communicators, and coaches 2) Help teachers reach their professional goals through actionable feedback and supportive leadership, and 3) Provide district leadership with data to make important decisions about professional development. With over 1500 users from around the world, Education Walkthrough is the #1 app for school administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, and all those who want to improve teacher instruction and student success.