The E4Effort System is used to improve student engagement, soft skills, executive function, and academic learning. Teachers promote a growth mindset when they consistently and authentically score student effort. With E4Effort, students learn what it feels like to put forth consistent effort and take more responsibility for their own learning. Emphasizing effort will lower the stress level of teachers, students, and classrooms. E4Effort reinforces and reports student effort in four categories: Ready, Participation, On Task, and Behavior.
Subcategories may be created to allow more precision in effort reporting. For example, “Group Work” could be created as a subcategory of On-Task. Each student has their own portal for checking their effort scores and tracking earned badges and “Effort Shares” (points). Also included, is an optional rewards program in which students may redeem their Effort Shares from their portal for “Buyback” offers created by the teacher – normally classroom privileges and school items.
Appropriate for grades 3 to 12.
See how E4Effort can improve student engagement and participation in the classroom.
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