Bright Student by LumenTouch

Bright Student is a comprehensive student achievement and full student information system. Schools are enabled to focus on delivering the best learning opportunities, due to less time and resources dedicated to data management and reporting. Bright Student allows schools to utilize all their resources efficiently and save money while meeting the increasing need for administrative tracking, performance analysis and detailed local and state reporting requirements.  

Do parents and the community really understand the true impact your district is making through the story you are telling today? The way the Lumen Touch system manages real time data and dashboard analytics, telling your district’s story will be a breeze. Lumen Touch is the only comprehensive suite in the marketplace that has one point of entry for ultimate data security with no data breached in a 20-year history!

The Bright STUDENT system is unique – 

  • With a COVID19 tracking program
  • Crisis response program to protect and save lives 
  • Automated scheduling
  • Standards based grading 
  • Professional development
  • Student ePortfolio and mentoring programs
This Catalyst catalog solution provides: