Bright SPED by LumenTouch

Bright SPED is a Special Education and 504 Management System comprehensive solution for all your Special Education Program needs. This time saving, web-based tool allows users to access from anywhere, anytime and on any device and it is designed to address the complexities and changing dynamics of special education reporting. Bright SPED provides functionality through a data driven infrastructure which does not rely on forms processing. This significant difference is one of the aspects that allows Bright SPED to make sure you are meeting Federal and State Compliance modifications in an efficient and timely manner. Student, Parent, and Instructor portals ensure that all members of the students’ team are notified of progress and changes immediately, never missing a deadline for a meeting or a report. In addition, Bright SPED also provides Case Managers with a customizable goal bank, critical to making SMART goals for student growth, and real time data dashboards, helping all team members track progress with ease and efficiency.

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This Catalyst catalog solution provides: