A supplemental educational platform designed to teach English as a Second Language (ESL), BOOKR Class builds on the power of stories with a curated selection of engaging, interactive books and games for children between 4 and 14. The library, aligned with CEFR and Lexile, consists of 1000+ interactive e-books with animated illustrations, authentic English voiceover, 5000+ games, and 4000+ flashcards. ELL curriculum experts and psychologists carefully select and design learning content. The application improves children’s reading comprehension, writing, listening, and communication skills. It develops 21st-century skills through stories that introduce new cultures, raise awareness, and develop creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills. BOOKR Class is an efficient partner in language learning, helping students practice English spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. The Teacher’s Dashboard tracks engagement, reading habits, assignment completion, level progression, and language skill development. Teachers can better understand student performance. BOOKR Class incorporates AI-driven features like personalized content recommendations, reading comprehension assessments, and vocabulary enhancement tools to support and enrich the learning journey.

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