Bloomsights is a digital assessment tool for school climate and student well-being. It measures how safe, engaged, connected, and challenged students feel at school by collecting students’ perspectives on their experiences of school life. Bloomsights provides school faculty with insights into four key indicators of school climate: safety, teaching and learning, relationships, and school environment. Additionally, it identifies outliers among the student population to enable teachers to take action to avoid social isolation, bullying, and other barriers to learning.

The Bloomsights assessment process itself is a learning experience for both students and teachers. Through the process of answering carefully designed questions that encourage reflection, students learn social and emotional vocabulary that could help them interact more effectively with others and express how they are feeling.

Use Bloomsights as a formative assessment of your students’ learning and social-emotional well-being to gain insights into the efficacy of your existing SEL programs and prepare for annual district-wide school climate assessments.


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